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Construction & Restoration Services

The Halo team understands that your house is one of your most important investments that starts with the roof, which is vital for protection against the four seasons we get here on the East Coast. We take pride in the quality of our work so you can be proud of your home. Whether you are recovering after a major storm, need to make small roof repairs, having a roofing emergency, or you’re in the middle of a major renovation — Halo will ensure your roof repair or replacement is done right. HALO goes above beyond the average roofing and restoration company. It all starts with the underlayment. Generally, felt paper is laid down before the shingles to help the shingles adhere to the decking. This material tears just as easy as the construction paper you used in grade school. It offers very little protection from leaks due to heavy rain, or blown off shingles. HALO uses the newest technology in woven, synthetic underlayment. This material is lighter and virtually impossible to tear, along with many more benefits. We also go through extensive training each year to ensure we are up to date on the latest technology, building codes, and installation procedures. For instance, just placing the nails 1 inch too low or too high can void the manufacturer’s warranty. We are certified through the largest manufacturer of shingles in North America that offers every type of shingle style you could possibly want and is available at an affordable price. Certified installers are the only companies that can offer full manufacturer warranties. We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, it is important that there be a way to vet your contractors. The BBB and Google reviews make this possible as a way to see if there have been any complaints with the company in the past and whether the company has made efforts to make things right.

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Residential Services

At HALO Storm Restoration, we’re ready to tackle all of your roofing needs, from minor repairs, to full replacements and even roofing emergencies.

Commercial Services

From Churches, to Restaurants and Office Buildings, we specialize in providing excellent services to our commercial projects.

The Halo Difference

We use the highest quality materials installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. We won’t take short-cuts and many of our products come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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Storm damage roof replacement is one of our specialties here at Halo Construction and Restoration. We want to make sure that your home is protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store. Wind, rain or hail can cause severe damage to the entire roof that you count on to protect you and your family. Sometimes the need for storm damage roof replacement is obvious, but other storm damage is subtle, hidden and often more harmful than you may realize.

Extreme Temperature

Storm damage roof replacement isn’t only necessary in rain or hail storms. Extreme temperature changes can lead to the need for replacement, too. One of the biggest problems with extreme temperature changes is blistering. This includes ridging, splitting, and erosion of the shingle surface and can be accelerated by strong storms and heavy rain, which are common and can significantly increase the age of your roof.


Wind causes an uplift resistance, which can wreak havoc on your roof. Strong winds and storms common to your area can open the seams and cause roof shingles to blow off and break without warning. When this happens, our storm damage roof replacement specialists are ready to go to work for you. While this is more common in older homes, even new homes can be susceptible to powerful winds.

Ponding Water Issue

When rain, snow, and ice pool together, it creates ponding water on the top of your roof. This happens where the roof lays relatively flat. Sitting water causes voids in the membrane, blocked drains, and can eventually leak through the roofing materials into the home. Our very experienced storm damage roof replacement experts will come out to your home and fix the issue.

Punctures and Holes Issue

Punctures can be cause by anything sharp falling on your roof. Severe storms can cause power lines, trees, shrapnel, or even small sharp objects to fall on your roof and cause a puncture. Each time your roof is penetrated, the consequences can quickly multiply. In cases like these storm damage roof replacement is usually necessary.


As soon as hail hits your roof, it begins to destroy the protective granules on your shingles. You can bet that this means storm damage roof replacement may be in your future. This type of damage can lead to future roof leaks if the damage is not fixed. A roof inspection is the best way to check for any hail damage and prevent future leaks.

Depend & Rely

Halo Construction and Restoration is a very experienced roofing company that understands the stress when it comes to dealing with replacing your roof. We have created a turn key system that takes the preasure off of the you. NO MORE CALLS TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY! Let our well qualified team deal with those issues. Halo Contruction and Restoration is the roofing company that isn’t going anywhere. From start to finish, our storm damage roof replacement professionals will work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied, and will be here when you need us in the future. Contact Us today for Halo Contruction and Restoration to complete a free inspection of your roof.

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