What to expect

  1. Very Loud Noise – There will be various levels of noise throughout the duration of your project. If you, other family members, or even pets have a sensitivity to loud noises, we recommend spending some time away from your house while the job is in progress. 
  2. Protecting Unsecured Items – Vibrations from construction work may cause items to fall, or slide off of shelves and walls (ex. mirrors, pictures, figurines or plates).  We recommend that any valuable items be removed prior start date.  *The floor level directly below the roof is the most susceptible..
  3. Protecting Landscape & Outdoor Furniture – We will notify you if the layout of the landscape or trees and shrubbery significantly obstructs our work. Please remove all items around the house at risk of being damaged by falling debris, such as: patio and pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, and grills. *Our crew will gladly assist if needed.
  4. Gutter Damage – Precautions are taken to prevent damage to your existing gutters and downspouts. Your estimator will notify and provide options for you if damage is unavoidable or pre-existing.
  5. Construction Zone – Please be aware when entering or exiting construction zones. Always keep small children and pets away from the work area.
  6. Clean-Up – We will perform daily clean-ups, removing equipment and properly disposing of debris. A magnetic roller will be utilized to pick-up metal debris, but please be advised that a few nails, hidden in the grass or shrubbery, may possibly remain. Do not judge the mess until we have a chance to do a final walk-through.
  7. Rain Delays – Inclement weather may force delays in our production schedule. We require an adequate window of clear weather to work safely and efficiently.
  8. Neighbors – We will typically notify the two adjacent properties of project start dates and duration time. Please advise us of any concerns regarding neighbor relations and/or additional persons to notify.
  9. Material Delivery – Day of delivery we will need your driveway to be cleared out. Material will usually be delivered a few days before the installation. These pallets of material must be delivered on concrete, usually in your driveway or may be dropped on the roof if possible. We will do our best to not obstruct the driveway, however, expect to not have full use of the driveway.
  10. Roofer Access – The roofing crew will need access to the following: Designated roof point of access, power supply (120v), driveways, side gates/yards, decks, garages and attics. Please unlock all fences so that we can navigate around the home.
  11. Satellite Dishes – The roofing crew may need to disconnect or move a satellite dish.  We may not be able to get them back in the same exact location. Please contact your cable or satellite provider (two weeks prior to start date) to schedule service for realignment if necessary.
  12. Electrical Mounts – Roofers are not electricians! Therefore, existing electrical mounts or electrical work may need to be addressed by a Certified Electrician for us to safely complete the roof work. Our estimator will notify you of any necessary electrical work. For example: If a new power fan is being installed, electric must be connected for it to work.
  13. Pools – Pools will be covered with a tarp, however sometimes wind will blow materials into the pool. If a pool cleaning is required, we will try to get insurance to cover the price (If applicable)
  14. SOLAR PANELS (If applicable) –

Removal of Solar Array Evaluate present working conditions of system Identify acceptable storage area for equipment on customer’s premises (Customer is responsible for maintaining a safe space for equipment that will be free from damage and theft) Remove all roof related equipment including panels, racking, any conduit and other electrical equipment that would impede the re-roofing process. HOWEVER, will leave lag bolts or other penetrating fasteners to avoid leaks prior to re-roof. Place materials in defined storage location and photograph their condition. Any additional issues or modifications of the scope will be addressed separately.
Re Installation of Solar Array perform inspection on new roof’s workmanship and document any potential concerns. Install the original layout of racking equipment, flashing, panels, conduit and connections to electrical equipment. Reinstall all grounding, conductors and conduit stickers, as per code compliance. Test equipment for expected function and production. Complete job checkout process, including cleaning up job site